Elon Musk Questions COVID-19 Test After Conflicting Results

For better or for worse, Elon Musk’s influence on all things the electric car is undeniable. For example, the penultimate controversy in which the head of Tesla has embarked on regarding his problems with the tests he has undergone to detect if he has coronavirus. Something that he has shared on his Twitter account, causing a strong controversy.

Elon Musk has questioned the effectiveness of the COVID-19 tests after receiving a series of conflicting results. Stating in a message to his 39.9 million Twitter followers, Musk wrote:

Asked about the symptoms, Musk has indicated that he showed symptoms of a typical cold. He now waited the 24 hours necessary to have the results of the new tests that have been carried out with two different laboratories.

In total, Musk has indicated that he has undergone four tests, two of which were negative, and two were positive. Something that has led him to share his story on social networks raising an unprecedented dust cloud.

There are quite a few Internet users who have accused Musk that he has questioned the detection method by giving unclear answers, which will increase the arguments of the denialist groups that have positioned themselves against any measure to stop the pandemic.

Some responses from Musk are intended to confuse so that if they finally test positive, this does not affect the value of Tesla and the rest of its companies that would undoubtedly be affected by any unforeseen event to its president.

Something that may not have been his intention, but that has also put in a complicated situation for the thousands of workers in the health sector who fight every day to stop this terrible disease, which in its beginnings already had the contempt of Musk himself for who described “the fear of the coronavirus as something silly.” Something that has been reflected in his Twitter history as one of the most unfortunate comments of his career.

Now it remains to be seen if we have the final results. However, in the face of the confusion, even these might not be decisive in knowing whether Musk has tested positive for coronavirus or not, and if this will impact the actions of Tesla that everything indicates will open with a sharp decline due to the uncertainty caused by Musk.

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