Elon Musk Confident About Meeting Tesla’s Self-Driving Deadline

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been testing the company’s latest self-driving system and claims that he can “almost” go from his house to work without intervention. Tesla’s current network is expected to be improved through software updates resulting in “feature complete” full self-driving as Musk has described it. In a statement last year Musk claimed that by the end of 2020 Tesla would introduce 1 million ‘Robotaxis” as a self-driving ride-sharing network

The CEO is seemingly confident regardless of the end of the year being just around the corner and the deadline creeping closer by the day. During a conference call after Tesla released its financial results from Q2 of 2020, Musk stated the results of the testing he has done of Tesla’s latest full self-driving system show that the company is still on track. “So I personally tested the latest alpha build of full self-driving software when I drive my car and it is really I think profoundly better than people realize. It’s like amazing. So it’s almost getting to the point where I can go from my house to work with no interventions, despite going through construction and widely varying situations. So this is why I am very confident about full self-driving functionality being complete by the end of this year, is because I’m literally driving it.”

The CEO recently claimed that the Autopilot update is a mere 2 to 4 months away and will assist in deploying more functionalities at a much higher rate.

Although driver monitoring will still be required even after the release of self-driving version “feature complete,” it will still require some convincing for regulators to allow owners to operate their Tesla vehicles as full self-driving systems.

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