Tesla v11 Software Update is the Perfect Holiday Surprise!

Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased Tesla’s upcoming ‘v11’ software update on Twitter yesterday getting fans and enthusiasts excited for the holiday season. Musk tweeted that the update will be released during the holidays and will include requested features and some new surprises that have not been revealed yet.

The last bundled update released by Tesla came in September 2019 in the form of Tesla v10. It included updates to Tesla Theater, Caraoke, as well as several existing features inside Tesla vehicles at no additional charge.

It seems like now, Tesla is preparing to release v11 of its software with CEO Elon Musk using social media to excite his fans before its release:

When asked for any hints about the upcoming update Musk went on to tease a little more “So many things you want and some you didn’t know you wanted.”

Over the last year Musk has been vocal about features that have been requested including being able to talk to people through its exterior speaker, native video conferencing, more video games, a new video game interface, and more. We should see which features the CEO is talking about with Tesla’s v11 software release next month

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