Ford E-Transit Unveiled with $45,000 Starting Price

Today Ford unveiled the electric version of its Transit can, the E-Transit, with a starting price of $45,000. The E-Transit was one of the first all-electric vehicles that Ford announced. It was first introduced in 2016 when Ford announced its plans towards electrification. The new electric Transit offers some unique connectivity features, but when it comes to range, may leave some underwhelmed.

Although Ford is not planning to bring the E-Transit to production until 2022, it is, however, ready to unveil it. In a press release today, Ford commented on the upcoming electric van saying: “Ford, the world’s cargo van leader, introduces the 2022 E-Transit van, a smart workhorse that will offer customers enhanced productivity enabled by its fully electric powertrain, software solutions, services, and Pro Power Onboard options.”

Ford president and CEO, Jim Farley, commented on the launch as well saying: ”Ford is North America and Europe’s commercial truck and van leader, so the transition of fleet vehicles to zero emissions, especially for the fast-growing last-mile delivery segment, is critical to achieve our carbon neutrality goal by 2050. Ford is ready to lead the charge, starting with the all-electric Transit and all-electric F-150 on the way. This is good for the planet and a huge advantage for customers to help lower their operating costs and provide connected fleet management technologies that will help their businesses.”

With production still a ways away the premature unveiling will hopefully give companies that are planning on moving towards electrification to consider adding the upcoming E-transit to their commercial delivery fleet.

Check out the Ford E-Transit spec sheet below for all the electric van’s full details:

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