Ford’s New E-Latch Door System on the Mustang Mach-E

Part of the excitement of upcoming EVs is seeing new features existing and new automobile manufacturers are including in their vehicles. All the way down to the small details like how you get in. One example is the Ford Mustang Mach-E which will have a brand new electronically controlled door-latch system.

In order to enter the vehicle, it requires you to have the key fob on hand or you can use your phone as a key. When detected near the car, a push of a button will activate E-Latch. There will be one button for each door and when E-latch is activated the corresponding door will unlatch and open slightly. On the front doors a pull handle will allow you to open it further. As for the rear doors, Ford suggests using the “finger friendly” grab pads on the inside of the door. According the company: ”Once any door is open, it will not close again until it has been opened all the way. So, there’s no need to worry about pinched fingers.”

Opening the doors from the inside is pretty standard. Simply pull the lever on the armrest and it will unlatch and allow drivers and riders to fully open it the rest of the way.

With any new technology comes the potential for problems. In this case, Ford revealed that if you happen upon a depleted battery or loss of electrical power, the doors can still be opened manually from the inside using the lever on the armrest. However, getting in without power is not an option. According to Ford: ”If you lose electrical power and need to enter the vehicle, there are two power points in the front lower grill that allow you to attach jumper cables. With the cables connected, the front trunk will pop open so you can access the battery and charge it.”

Find out all the details in the video below:

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