Elon Musk: Tesla Will Enter India “Next Year For Sure”

When thinking of large EV markets, our minds don’t typically go to India. Although it has a high population, the lack of available electric models and the high cost of owning an EV, India is not a big EV market. However, that could turn around after Tesla CEO Elon Musk came back with a simple response to a question he was asked on Twitter.

Tesla Club India has made it clear that they are ready and willing to welcome Tesla to India with open arms.

When asked last year “What about India sir?” Musk responded “Would love to be there this year. If not, definitely next!” Now we know it’ll be another year wait for the California based company to make its way to the South Asian country. 

A key factor to succeeding in such a large country is not only the investment in a Supercharging network, but making the actual product more affordable. With Tesla’s announcement of plans for more affordable electric cars during the company’s Battery Day event, it seems like they are already making progress in this regard.

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