Elon Musk Predicts Tesla will Produce 20 Million EVs a Year By 2030

It is not unlike Elon Musk to give his fair share of opinions and predictions whether it’s via twitter or during events like Tesla’s Battery Day. Now, the CEO is making his optimistic predictions known on what he thinks is in store for the electric car market as well as Tesla itself.

The Tesla CEO took to Twitter on Monday saying in seven years, he believes 30 million electric vehicles will be produced per year, perhaps even sooner. Although some Twitter users were thrown off by his comments, assuming Tesla alone would be producing such a massive number, but Musk was quick to explain:

The tweet falls on the heels of an email that Musk sent out to employees stating if they “rallied” the company would have a shot at a “record quarter for deliveries” adding “it’s also extremely important that we keep factory output as high as possible over the remaining 10 days.”

In the last quarter of 2019 alone, Tesla achieved record production of almost 105,000 vehicles. The “20M” figure is more than 50 times the 365,000 vehicles Tesla made in 2019.

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