Tesla Achieves Record Numbers During Q3

Tesla’s third quarter delivery and production results have officially been released showing the company did in fact deliver a record number of electric cars.

The results could have gone either way but many expected Tesla to achieve a new delivery record. In the last week of this quarter alone, the Wall Street consensus from Tesla analysts jumped from its original prediction of 120,000 to around 140,000.

Now, with the release of Tesla’s delivery and production results we have confirmation that the company produced over 145,000 vehicles and the delivered almost 140,000.

Tesla is still only breaking down deliveries between Model S/X and Model 3/Y:

ModelProductionDeliveriesSubject to lease accounting
Model S/X16,99215,20013%
Model 3/Y128,044124,1007%

In addition to absolutely crushing its 90,000 number from last quarter, the nearly 140,000 delivered this quarter beat Tesla’s existing record of 112,000 deliveries during Q4 of 2019. Furthermore, following the closure of it’s Fremont factory due to restrictions brought on by the coronavirus, production is up from the 82,000 figure seen last quarter.

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