Honda e Reviewed in Urban Habitats

The Honda-e was originally introduced during the Frankfurt Motor Show three years ago. It presented with a wide eyed cute look while still remaining retro looking. Now, in a new review video posted to the Fully Charged Youtube channel, we see Rory Reid take a ride in Urban EV around towns and cities in the UK. 

Overall it seems that Reid is satisfied with the Honda e as far as overall design and technology. However its cost and range where consider “shortcomings.”

The Honda e is equipped with a 35.5kWh battery allowing a WLTP range of 137 miles. With such a minimal amount of range, a starting price of £26,600 (€32,997) in Europe may seem a little steep. 

With the battle to achieve the greatest range being fought by names like Tesla, Polestar, Lucid, and Volkswagen, will the Honda e being able to hold up with its current range and entry cost? Check out the full video below and decide for yourself!

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