Honda Presents E:Concept SUV for China

During the Beijing Auto Show, Honda presented the SUV e:concept prototype, a preview of the first production electric car that the Japanese firm will commercialize in the Chinese market (although it does sell electric models under the Everus brand, created from its joint-venture with local manufacturer GAC).

This concept SUV sports an impressive three-door body that will not reach the final model. As happened with the move from the Urban EV concept prototype to the production ‘e,’ ​​the e: concept SUV will adopt a more practical five-door configuration when it starts to be mass-produced since three-door bodies have practically disappeared from the market.

Aesthetically, the model sets a distance from other electric prototypes of the company: compared to the retro design of most of them, this concept car adopts a futuristic look, with ragged headlights that preside over a powerful front without a grill. The pilots, for their part, are united across the gate, following the prevailing fashion.

The interior design for its part remains a mystery. However, in the equipment section, Honda has confirmed that the vehicle will have advances such as the new generation Honda Sensing driver assistants battery, which will have a higher performance than the currently offered by the Asian firm.

On the other hand, you will also enjoy the new Honda Connect system. An assistant with Artificial Intelligence, OTA updates, advanced connectivity for smartphones, etc. Also, there is a good chance that, like the Honda e, the production version of the Honda e:concept SUV will have cameras instead of mirrors.

The final model will initially see the light of day in late 2021, one of the two electric cars that Honda has confirmed for the Chinese market.

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