Everus VE-1: An Affordable Electric Honda

Honda is betting on a fully electric version exclusively for the Chinese market with a price tag of $23,000.

In partnership with the GAC builder, Honda created this model just for China production. The Everus VE-1 model is an HR-V like based SUV electric car and it comes with a decent battery for its price.

Everus VE-1 electric SUV will have generous autonomy. It is an electric car equipped with a 120 kW motor. Powered by a battery with a capacity of 53.6 kWh, this model allows the driver to travel 200 miles. But according to the NEDC method, this range can be reduced to 150 miles if we use the WLTP principles.

This vehicle features grilles and bumpers with unpublished designs. The taillights and headlights will be the same as the old Honda SUV models, but they get new finishes, notably a clear rear lens. The Everus brand replaces the Honda logos.


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