Lucid Air 1 Second Shy of the Tesla Model S Plaid Laguna Seca Time

Lucid just announced that one of the Air Performance prototypes, the sportiest version of its newly introduced executive sedan, just set its own personal record at the Laguna Seca circuit during a chassis tune-up session. With a time of 1:31.3, the model is very close to the time announced by the Tesla Model S Plaid, of 1:30.3.

Both the Lucid and Tesla models have a powertrain made up of three engines (one on the front axle, two on the rear). However, it is estimated that the Air Performance will be notably more powerful than the Model S Plaid, although this will not be confirmed until their respective final specifications are revealed throughout the next year.

The Lucid Air Performance used during the session in which he managed to beat his personal record fitted street tires and production brakes, so we talked about a prototype with a performance quite faithful to the one that the final model will have. Compared to a standard Air, the Performance will use slightly wider wheels.

However, the most interesting thing is that the record was set with John Culliton at the wheel, who is not a professional driver, but a Lucid senior mechanical engineer. Therefore, the Air Performance has the potential to lower its Laguna Seca time sensibly, being very likely that it will eventually overtake the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Today, in a video, the Lucid Motors team once again shows their work on the continued development of the Air luxury electric car, in this case, equipped with a development version of the company’s three-motor configuration. As soon as they hit the track, the team achieved a lap time of 1:31.3 at the iconic Laguna Seca circuit in California.

“We will continue to showcase our work as we fine-tune the vehicle’s platform and systems to begin producing the Lucid Air in spring 2021. In the meantime, work on the parallel three-engine version will continue as a project in development, and we look forward to sharing more about your achievements in the future.”

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