Honda Teases Next All-Electric Car

Honda released a teaser of its next all-electric car that is set to premiere at the Beijing Motor Show. Unfortunately the teaser still leaves us with very little information.

As mentioned above this new all-electric car from the Japanese automaker is expected to premiere at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. From the image released we can see it definitely doesn’t follow the retro-style look seen on the Honda e. It also looks to be larger and more traditional, possibly a sedan or crossover.

According to the company, the upcoming EV will be the first fully electric Honda model to be sold in China. Again, there was very little release in the press release including the absence of a name for the vehicle or a timeline. With no name, a computer rendering, and referring to it as a concept, the new EV seemingly won’t see the market for a while

Come September 26, Honda will release more details about its next all-electric vehicle at the Beijing Motor Show. Additionally, the company’s will premiere the CR-V PHEV, Honda‘s first plug-in hybrid for the Chinese automotive market. 

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