A Widespread Failure Leaves Dozens of Polestar 2 Units Inoperative

This summer, Polestar began deliveries of its second model, the Polestar 2 electric sedan. The brand, conceived as a spin-off from Volvo dedicated to developing high-performance electric vehicles, aims to make the Polestar 2 one of the leading rivals of the Tesla Model 3, the world’s best-selling electric car.

However, despite the praise of the press and the warm reception of the public, the truth is that the beginning of the commercial career of the Polestar 2 has been somewhat uneven: so far, more than thirty units have been affected by a failure that has rendered them completely inoperative, much to the surprise of their owners.

According to user testimonials, the problem begins with an error message regarding the transmission system, after which the car stops working. The only solution is to go to the crane technical service, where some of the affected units have been idle for a month, waiting to answer their breakdown.

This is Tobias Åkeblom, a resident of Luleå, a city located 600 miles north of Stockholm. Tobias had barely been in his new car for a day when the failure occurred. It has now been a month, and his brand new Polestar 2 has since been standing in the workshop waiting for a repair that never seems to arrive.

The problem is related to the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system. However, according to Brent Ellis, Polestar’s public relations manager, not all units have such a failure; in fact, some vehicles do not even send the error message before breaking down and stalling.

It is interesting to remember that at the time, some Tesla Model 3s also experienced problems with their 12-volt electrical system; however, in such cases, the solution was to change the 12-volt battery. At the moment, Polestar has not explained the specific cause of the errors that affect its model.

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