Tesla Updates and Reduces Price of Solar Roof

Tesla has reduced Solar Roof prices and added new information about the product to its website .

Tesla launched version 3 of its Solar Roof tiles known as Solarglass last year. Since its launch, it received a significant price drop as a direct result of optimization and faster installation. Regardless of the increased speed of installation, the process remains longer than anticipated, leaving Tesla to continue to make different tweaks while moving forward with the product.

In an attempt to aquire more sales, Tesla doubled the referral reward for its solar roofs. Now we are learning that the company has also updated its website with new information, images, and a smaller price tag for the product. 

In addition, the Solar Roof online configurator was also updated. When asking for a quote, the prices reflect a drop compared to earlier in the summer. Tesla also features a price comparison of the solar roof tiles, however it seems quite favorable as the company uses the top premium roofing products to date for the comparison. 

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