Elon Musk: Tesla Could Hit Record Deliveries This Quarter

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, says the company has a chance to achieve record vehicle deliveries this quarter. This information, which has become known through the leak of an email addressed to its employees, confirms that for the moment, the demand for the brand’s cars continues to increase.

Tesla concentrates the bulk of its deliveries typically at the end of each quarter (in some cases, the company has managed to agglutinate 30% of the total volume in the last week of the quarter), so presumably, the brand’s distribution network will go the extra mile over the next few days to achieve your goals.

“Make vehicle deliveries your top priority. It is also essential that we keep factory production as high as possible for the remaining ten days. This is vital for the California market” Musk writes in the leaked email, stressing the importance of the local market.

The current record for Tesla deliveries is 112,000 units, and it was achieved in the fourth quarter of 2019. Although all forecasts indicated that this number would be easily surpassed in the early stages of 2020, the coronavirus crisis, which has hit hard at the global automobile industry, prevented this record from being broken in the first two quarters of the year.

Between April and June, Tesla delivered 90,000 vehicles, although it should be noted that its inventory was affected by the closure of the Fremont factory during the pandemic. On the other hand, the excellent performance of Giga Shanghai and the healthy demand of the Chinese market, which recovered the rhythm quickly, prevented the failure from being greater.

Overall, the Californian firm is expected to deliver around 121,000 cars this quarter. This new record will possibly have a short journey because, with the start of the Model Y production in Giga Shanghai and the opening of Giga Berlin and Giga Austin in 2021, Tesla will have a production capacity much higher than the current one.

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