VIDEO: Full Details of VW’s ID.4

Volkswagen has officially become a contender against names like Tesla, Hyundai, and Kia, in the electric SUV market with the arrival of its ID.4. Now in a new video posted to the Carwow Youtube channel, we see a deep dive into VW’s new electric SUV crossover

The video provides a short but informative breakdown of the vehicle’s most sought after aspects, including design, range, electric motor, interior, infotainment, performance, aerodynamics, practicality, price, and safety. 

With the resources that Volkswagen has, it is able to offer vehicles with a higher range at a lower cost than many of its top competitors. Its entire ‘ID’ lineup will aim to accomplish these goals. Furthermore, all of Volkwagen’s electric cars qualify for the full $7,500 U.S. federal electric car tax credit.

In conclusion, Carwow seems impressed by the presentation of the ID.4 but not so much its specs. The ID.4 is only equipped with one electric motor. Although it provides plenty of range, the lack of multiple electric motors results in a lack of power. Check out the full review in the video below:

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