VW ID.4 1st Edition Sells Out in Record Time in US

The Volkswagen ID.4 is already a success even though it was presented less than two days ago. The electric SUV has aroused enormous interest among the public, especially highlighting the enthusiasm of the US market: such was the influx of potential buyers to Volkswagen’s reservation page in the hours following the launch, which the web ended up crashing.

It took the brand several hours to reactivate the page, through which interested parties can reserve a unit of the ID.4 after paying a deposit of $100. The special launch edition 1st Edition is now completely sold out in the United States, a sign of the enormous anticipation that the electric SUV has raised on the other side of the pond.

In that market, the starting price of the ID.4 1st Edition will be $43,995, to which the $7,500 tax credit granted by the government would have to be subtracted. The ID.4 Pro (sold in Europe as Pro Performance) for its part will cost 39,995 euros, separate incentives. Therefore, we are talking about a notably less expensive model than the Tesla Model Y, one of its main rivals.

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