Tesla Disables Supercharger in Salvaged Vehicles

Tesla is finding a way to demoralize reestablishing rescued vehicles as it affirms that it will, for all time, incapacitate Supercharging on those vehicles. Salvaging Tesla vehicles has become shockingly famous due to YouTuber Rich Rebuilds, and a few organizations were worked around it like Jason Hughes’ 057 Technology.

Be that as it may, Tesla has been known to debilitate the method at numerous levels, such as making it difficult to get parts and not giving the vehicles software updates. Presently the automaker is going above and beyond and affirms that it will impair Supercharging and outsider quick charging on all vehicles that have been announced: “salvaged.”

The thing is the fact Tesla offers “salvage-titled vehicle high voltage safety inspection” does not mean that the components of the vehicle are safe as well. In a memo Tesla sent to the employees, it said that “Tesla reserves the right to deactivate Supercharging capability on any vehicle we believe would be unsafe. If a vehicle is found to have been modified to enable Supercharging and/or fast-charging through third parties, Tesla may take legal action and seek compensation.”

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