Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Can Already Reach 251 kW in V3 Superchargers, Going From 5% to 85% in 20 Minutes

Tesla Model Y can reach 251 kW in V3 Superchargers, and it has been verified by the owner of a Model Y in the United States. He approached a Tesla station in California where he has been able to verify that the maximum load power has reached no less than 251 kW.

This station has the new V3 models, which represent a huge step forward compared to some V2s that, as we recall, allow up to 150 kW maximum.

The result is that this owner of the Model Y has seen how the charge rate reached no less than 1,022 miles per hour or 1,650 kilometers of autonomy for each hour connected to this socket. This in practice has allowed him to go from 5% with which he reached the station to 85%, all in just 20 minutes.

Also striking is the fact that this same owner has a Model 3 Performance. In the same station, the load rates have always been below those achieved by the Model Y. Mainly in the highest parts of the SOC where the SUV has managed to keep the power figures above the usual in the saloon. This warns that the load curve is even better in the Y.

A power that, in addition to faster loads, will have a significant effect on the rotation factor of these points, which will be able to offer service to a higher number of vehicles per day. This will reduce saturation problems in some stations during designated dates such as vacation start.

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