Tesla Supercharger

Tesla to Close Spain Superchargers Due to the Coronavirus

A large part of the Tesla network in Spain is located inside Hotels, so most Tesla Superchargers are closed from now on due to coronavirus and the order to shut down this kind of commerce. Maybe it will be necessary to except for some modification of the regulations or a somewhat more flexible interpretation for the use of this device.

Installing the Superchargers on land such as hotels has its strengths, but also its risks since its access will depend on the situation of said establishment. In this case, a government decree that it forces its closure without considering any more exceptions according to the text of the order than the necessary maintenance and surveillance services of the establishments themselves.

Tesla should rethink its strategy and bet on a model less dependent on private establishments. Also the government should take this situation into account since we are talking about a problem that will not only affect the drivers of a Tesla since there are many points of other networks that have been located within the premises of hotel lands.

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