Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot Back as Budget Friendly Option

In the past, we’ve seen Tesla’s Autopilot options and prices rise and fall. Eventually, its Autopilot’s Auto-steer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control became standard on Tesla vehicles and the company bundled the rest in it’s Full Self-Driving package. Now we are learning that Tesla has reintroduced a less expensive option to the FSD package: ‘Enhanced Autopilot.’

Originally, Tesla’s FSD package was available for $5,000 but the cost increased following a summer update and is now priced at $8,000. Now with the reintroduction of the Enhanced Autopilot package, owners are given a less expensive option when opting for the $4,000 package.

Features previously only available in the ‘Full Self-Driving’ package are as seen below:

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot package hasn’t stayed much from its original offerings and includes all the features where the latest onboard self-driving computer is not required.

When opting for the more expensive FSD package, owners will receive an upgrade to their vehicles computer.

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