Tesla Has Cut the Price of it’s Full Self-Driving Package Upgrade

Tesla announced a price cut on the upgrade of its Self-Driving package, from $6,000 to $3,000.

Early this year, the car manufacturer took away the Enhanced Autopilot package and created a base autopilot package. The same one that is now standard in all Tesla cars.

At the same time, they added an option for Full Self-Driving and changed the price from $6,000 if you ordered before delivery, and $8,000 if you order after you received the vehicle.

In May Tesla announced that any Tesla Owner could now upgrade for the Full Self-Driving package to $6,000, eliminating the 8k price. But reserved itself the right to increase rates in the future if they see fit.

This move caused a lot of commotion with users that had the Enhanced Autopilot package because most features overlapped the Full Self-Driving one. If they wished to buy the Full Self-Driving Package, they would end up paying for some features that they already had.

A week ago, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet that the company acknowledged the issue.

Tesla now fixed the whole debacle reducing the price of the Full Self-Driving Package to everyone that have the Enhanced Autopilot package.


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