NIO ES8 Victorious in Dodge Maneuver Test, Xpeng P7 Fails

Last year, we knew the dodge test results, or moose test carried out by the Spanish portal Km77, where the Tesla Model 3 had managed to complete it with outstanding performance when performed at 53 mph. We have now had access to the results of two of the new Chinese electric car manufacturers that have faced this dreaded test.

These are NIO and Xpeng, which have been tested by a reputed Asian medium, which has subjected the Xpeng P7, a sedan, and the NIO ES8, an SUV of almost five meters, to the dodge test that on paper should have a worse result than the car due to its high center of gravity.

But the results are very different from what we might think. These show us the great poise that the NIO achieves in a test managed to overcome at 45 mph. A figure that does not reach the height of what is achieved by Audi SUVs, but that of BMW with the 45 mph achieved at the time by the X5, or the 43 mph of the Tesla Model X. Something remarkable for a Chinese manufacturer in its first development.

The one that has failed to pass the test with a minimum grade has been the Xpeng P7. A saloon with sporting aspirations that have completed the dodge maneuver at a maximum of 40mph shows quite erratic behavior during tests.

We can even see how the P7 loses control alarmingly in a test on dry ground and apparent good condition. So under more challenging conditions, even worse performance is to be expected.

Of course, we do not know many details that could give a very different result, such as if it is the version with all-wheel drive or the rear, or if it had the stability control connected or not. But a priori, it seems that Xpeng has not achieved an excellent result in the dynamic aspect of a model that appeared to be round in all aspects, from the design, interior, performance, and price.

For its part, the good news is that NIO has achieved a result that, without being outstanding, is highly commendable for a manufacturer that opens on the market. We look forward to seeing these tests’ results of its new models, the ES6 and its sports version, the EC6. Proposals that, as we remember, will reach the European market next year.

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