Tesla Software Update Allows Choice to Stay in Passing Lane

Tesla has introduced a new software update that allows you to stay in the passing lane instead of returning to the right lane when using Autopilot.

The act of moving into the right lane after using the left to pass is a simple move that is intended to improve the flow of traffic. Since the end of 2018 Tesla’s Naviagte on Autopilot has suggested people move back into the right line after passing. Now, Tesla has started pushing a new software update that gives the driver the option to remain in the passing lane.

The new feature called ‘Exit Passing Lane’ can be found in Tesla’s 2020.36.10 software update “While Navigate on Autopilot is activated, your car can now remain in the passing lane. To adjust your passing lane preference, tap Controls > Autopilot > CUSTOMIZE NAVIGATE ON AUTOPILOT > EXIT PASSING LANE.”

Prior to this update, Tesla owners were able to cancel automatic lane changes. Now owners will need to activate the feature in the settings in order for the vehicle to automatically return to the right lane, making exiting the passing lane optional.

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