Lucid Motors will Present its First Model on September 9

After an endless preliminary phase, which most veterans have seen for five years, the Chinese manufacturer Lucid Motors has finally confirmed the significant step forward. The presentation of its first model and the start of production in their factory.

This will mean that the market will have a new company producing electric cars. They confirmed that on September 9, it will officially present the final appearance and characteristics of its first proposal. Lucid Air.

It is a spectacular vehicle that aims to bring together in a single piece a beautiful design, a high level of finishes, and a spacious and bright interior. It doesn’t stop there, it will include a propulsion system that in its most potent version will exceed 1,000 HP of power, and a battery that will reach 110 kWh and more than 400 miles of EPA autonomy. All completed with a level 3 autonomous driving system, which, as always in these cases, will have to demonstrate its ability on the road.

Lucid has also confirmed the excellent pace of work at the Arizona factory, which is receiving the robots that will be responsible for part of the assembly process and smooth running of the painting section. Something that will allow the brand to have the first factory on American soil developed from scratch to produce electric cars, and have it ready to begin pre-series work before the end of this year. In this way they indicate they will be able to start mass production and the first deliveries in the first half of 2021.

A Lucid Air that will have in its access versions with a cost that will start from $60,000. Although it is expected that as usual, it will launch its commercial phase with the most expensive, striking, and profitable versions.

One of the aspects in which this project stands out is the presence at the controls of Peter Rawlinson. Former Vice President at Tesla, Head of Engineering on the Model S plan, and a background in British manufacturer Lotus. A figure with a lot of weight in the industry that has managed to put an initiative on a track that at times has faltered due to the lack of liquidity.

Another key figure within Lucid Motors is Peter Hochholdinger. Also from Tesla, where he has served as vice president of production. This German, with more than 25 years of experience in Audi, has been one of the critical pieces of the solution of hell lived in the first months on the lines of Model 3. Hochholdinger is expected to achieve that the edges of the Arizona plant can start up on schedule, and with an adequate speed that is expected to reach 100,000 units per year in the short term. All in a facility that will be able to carry out 400,000 units per year at full capacity.

Will Lucid Motors manage to gain a foothold in a market damaged by the coronavirus crisis, but where the demand for electric cars continues to grow? Time will give us the answer.

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