New Utility-Based Program in CA to Add 38,000 Charging Stations

This past Thursday, the state of California approved a $437 million utility-based program called Charge Ready 2. Over a span of five years, the program will add 38,000 new electric-car charging stations in the state.

Southern California Edison (SCE) was given the okay to start installing stations following the approval from the California Public Utilities Commission, increasing charging infrastructure in the state.

During an SCE press release it was mentioned that this is the nation’s largest light-duty electric vehicle charging program run by an investor-owned utility. Charge Ready 2 is expected to install 50% of the chargers in economically impacted communities, with 30% being capable to serve multi-family dwellings.

It is already known that by 2030 California’s goal is to have 5 million zero-emission vehicles. This will include both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains, straying from some original 2030 zero-emissions plans from policy makers.

California has negotiated charging-infrastructure plans with DC Fast Charging network Electrify America. The enthusiasm for the program is apparent as regulators, utilities, and private charging networks alike are all looking to build stations.

The state has attempted to speed up the process for new charging stations: once with a law passed in 2015 as well as a bill that was introduced this year. According to Electrify America most California cities don’t follow to 2015 law resulting in a much more drawn out process causing it to take up to 70% longer in California compared to other states.

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