Tesla Model 3 is the Fastest-Selling Car on the Second-Hand Market. What are the Reasons?

If a consumer is currently looking for a used electric car and looking to get a Tesla Model 3, he finds that the offer is quite limited, and the prices relatively high. All despite being the best-selling electric car in history. According to data from used portals, the vehicle, electric or not, it sells the fastest on the second-hand market. There are several reasons for achieving this important milestone for a 100% electric car.

The used car sales page iSeeCars.com has analyzed car sales data in the United States between March to June. A period where a Tesla Model 3 has needed just 29.3 days on average to find a buyer. All with an average price of $44,000.

This places the American model well ahead of the second classified, the BMW X6, which on average, takes 44 days to place a used unit, with an average price not too far behind the Tesla at $40,000 per unit.

A comparison where we can even see much cheaper and popular models, such as the small Toyota Yaris, which with an average cost of sale of $14,118 needs 44.8 days to find a new owner.

A list in which there is no other electric car other than Tesla, nor any segment rival of the Tesla Model 3.

The reasons

The question is why an electric saloon appears in the first position, and in such a prominent way. The answers can be several.

One of the most obvious is that Model 3 has been on the market for a short time, with a launch in 2017 but that it did not have a minimum volume until well into 2018. It also has no rivals in its segment within the electric car sector. The buyer of an Audi A4, for example, has before him an offer within the sedans with a much wider combustion engine, with the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, or the Lexus IS, among others. But Tesla, for the moment, navigates calmly without anyone to disturb its progress in alternatives that will not arrive until 2021. Time in which it will be on sale for four years in the United States.

The other reason is the discreet but very important issue of remote updates. Reality shows that a used car is better than when it left the dealer for the first time. The improvements that Tesla is adding remotely allow it to incorporate new functionalities or evolve those installed over time. Something that stops the devaluation of the car and the need to buy a new one.

We can also add the excellent performance that Panasonic batteries are showing in Tesla models, which increases consumer confidence and increases the valuation of the vehicle over time. Something that is complemented by its fast-charging capacity, which improves with the passage of time and the arrival of the new high-power chargers.

The result is that although the passage of months sees how the number of units in the second-hand market increases, according to the CarGurus.com website, at the moment, the demand far exceeds the supply, which keeps prices high and very low sales times.

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