EVs Reached 4.3% Market Share in March 2021, Guess Who’s on Top

Italy’s electric car market has not stopped growing for some time now, contrary to global car sales that maintain their downward trend for another month. At the top, as the best-selling zero-emission car, is the Tesla Model 3.

The structural change caused to the time series by the confinements carried out in the European Union’s different countries during 2020 disrupt studies and inference when conducting business analysis and market predictions.

For this reason, the comparison with 2020 is not recommended since, during March, the Italian market was subjected to a total closure of non-essential commercial activity due to the scourge of the pandemic.

In any case, after the latest sales data, the chronic decline in the general automobile market is noted, also in Italy, whose counterpoint is the continuous increase in sales of electric cars.

While March has brought pure electric vehicles to a 2.6% market share in Spain, as announced last week by FCE, the transalpine country achieves 4.3%. A figure that comfortably exceeds the 2.4% achieved in February 2021.

Compared to the same period in 2019 (a year without a pandemic), electric car sales have grown by 1,083% in Italy, with a total of 7,362 units registered.

Another growing segment is that of plug-in hybrids, which in Italy have sold 7,362 cars in March alone, placing them at 4.5% of the total market.

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