All-Electric P7 Sedan Aids in Record Breaking Quarter for Xpeng

Xpeng’s string of successes has grown even longer with its last quarterly sales report. The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer has reported that it once again was able to increase its electric vehicle sales in its best month and quarter to date.

In March, Xpeng managed to deliver 5,102 electric vehicles giving them a 384% year-over-year increase, and 130% increase month-over-month. Additionally in March 2021, the Company reached the benchmark of delivering cumulative 50,000 Smart EVs.

“The Company attributed the record quarterly deliveries to its growing brand recognition and product appeal, expanded product portfolio and its relentless efforts in broadening sales, marketing and supercharging service networks across China.”

Xpeng currently offers two all-electric models, the P7 and G3. In regards to deliveries, the new P7 made up for 2,855 units while the G3 made up for 2,247 in March. 

When looking at yearly increases, the first quarter of 2021 resulted in the delivery of 13,340 electric vehicles from Xpeng giving the company a 487% year-over-year increase. The Xpeng P7 accounted for 7,974 (23,036 since June 2020) while the Xpeng G3 accounted for 5,366.

Going forward, Xpeng is expected to unveil its third production electric car sometime in Q2 of this year with an aimed market launch in Q4 2021.

Xpeng is also launching a more affordable LFP battery that will be and option in both the G3 and P7 models in China. Deliveries of the G3 vehicles equipped with LFP batteries are expected to start reaching customers this month, followed by deliveries of the P7 units in May.

Furthermore, Xpeng has been hard at work on its own charging infrastructure reporting 935 stations in 139 Chinese cities.

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