Chase Teslaquila with Some 1950’s Diner Food at This New Supercharger

You may soon be able to chase your Tesla tequila with some old-fashioned diner food as Tesla is looking to add 1950’s-inspired features to one of its new Supercharger stations. Well you won’t really be able to get any ‘Teslaquila’ but the retro addition is something that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has aspired to do over the years, and it may actually come to fruition.

The CEO apparently already has a plan in motion according to a Twitter response he posted last Friday. The retro Supercharger will of course be equipped with rapid charging stations, but there will also be a 1950’s-inspired diner and a reel of iconic movie clips playing in the background.

A perfect pit-stop for an individual or family on the road looking to “re-fuel” themselves as well as get a quick recharge on their EV. 

According to reports from automotive news outlet, Teslarati, the retro Supercharger station will be built on two adjacent plots of land in Santa Monica. Although there has been no official confirmation that this will be the final decision on location.

If you are at all familiar with Tesla or their business practices, you know they don’t take the conventional approach to almost anything. From marketing, to charging, to the actually point of sales, Tesla’s unusual approach has gotten them very far in the auto industry, and this type of attraction would only add to their publicity. A brilliant idea and really no surprise should this plan actually play out.

The announcement comes after California-based competitor, Rivian, announced its own Adventure network, as well as a new service plan that looks like it is tearing a page out of Tesla’s book. Considering Tesla’s Supercharger network and its service approach have proven successful, it appears that the novice startup is following Tesla lead with:
-Mobile service vans that come to you
-Remote diagnostics using their vehicle’s connectivity
-Company-owned service centers
-App-based scheduling 

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