New Rumors of Tesla Opening its Supercharger Network to Other Brands

It has long been rumored that Tesla was preparing to open up its network of fast-charging stations to other brands. A way to finance its expansion and help accelerate the implementation of electric mobility. A possibility that now seems closer with the latest information.

According to the Charge Now Channel, Tesla would be finalizing the details of this possible opening. To benefit from it, those interested will have to register in the Tesla application in places where it is necessary to acquire an adapter.

With these two elements, non-Tesla electric cars that meet the technical requirements will make use of the Supercharger network.

Of course, there are many important details. For example, whether this will depend on an agreement between Tesla and the brand, or if it will be automatic. The cost of the recharge itself will also remain to be clarified.

As is typical, it is to be assumed that Tesla owners will have somewhat cheaper access. A really low cost will allow some margin to offer competitive rates if we compare them with the rest of the market.

Another aspect will be the distribution of spaces in each station. In addition to a lower cost, owners of a Tesla should have a preference when accessing points. An aspect without a doubt the most difficult to fulfill.

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