Nissan Takes Us Through the Test Program of the Ariya Electric Crossover

New footage of the Nissan Ariya test program has been released by the Japanese automaker before it begins production of the electric crossover in the coming months.

Nissan is no stranger to the electric vehicle scene after seeing many successes with its original all-electric, the Nissan Leaf. After a decade of demand, the Japanese automaker is on the verge of launching its second all-electric vehicle.

Last year, Nissan presented the $40,000 base model Ariya with a single-charge range up to 300 miles. With expectations of production before the end of the year, the Japanese automaker is giving us a look into the electric crossover’s test program.

Using the different conditions and surfaces of the Hokkaido Proving Ground, the automaker conducted testing on the Ariya: “In the snow-covered landscape of Japan’s northernmost main island, the Nissan Ariya is being put to task. During the development phase, Nissan’s Chief Vehicle Assessment Specialists (CVAS) drive, maneuver, listen, and feel the performance of development vehicles in a series of tests.”

See the video of the Ariya’s test program from the automaker below:

Deliveries of the electric crossover are expected to begin in Japan in the coming months. While deliveries in the US may come a little later, it is still expected before the end of the year.

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