Nissan Offers Leaf Owner Little Help in Replacing Battery

In a new report from CBC news, a Nissan Leaf owners is finding himself running into some problems while trying to acquire a replacement battery for his 2013 model. 

Clayton Brander of Powell River, B.C bought a 2013 Nissan Leaf three years ago. Now he is finding out that it is harder than expected to get a replacement battery without paying more than the cars initial cost. According to Brander, when he bought his Leaf it was able to achieve about 75 miles. However, since then, that number has decreased about 33% and can only achieve about 50 miles. To solve this problem he inquired about a replacement battery pack in his Leaf, but received little help from Nissan dealers aside from suggesting he buys a new EV entirely. 

Brander spoke with CBC and expressed his disappointment in learning that it would completely cancel out its sustainable if he ends up ditching his 2013 for a new model with better range. Brander stated “these things are going to end up in the landfill” which means “all the green house gas conservation is out the window.

CBC News reported that Brander tried buying a new battery pack in “two nearby Nissan dealerships, three local repair shops,” and contacted Nissan Canada, but was left with no real solution. He was even told that in a few years he could purchase a battery pack for C$5,000, until then he is looking at spending upwards of C$15,000; more than the original cost paid for the car.

Nissan said it was “hopeful to find a resolution” with him but no further details have been reported.

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