Ford Prepares 2 EVs Derived from the Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is arousing passions during its first contact with the specialized press, thanks to its proposal’s balanced nature. Although the units destined for the Chinese market are manufactured in that country, the models sold in the United States and Europe are assembled at Ford’s plant in Cuautitlán (Mexico).

Two other electric cars based on the same platform will soon join the production lines of this factory. Rumors suggest that there will be two midsize crossovers, one from Ford and the other from Lincoln (the premium brand of the North American group). It was previously was pointed out the possibility that one of them was a Mustang sedan.

However, this last option loses strength if we take into account that both vehicles have similar internal codes (CDX746 and CDX747), so they probably share a large part of their bodywork. Its launch is scheduled for the year 2023.

Ford wants to be a 100% electric brand by 2030. Although its smaller models will use the Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular platform, likely, Ford will also strengthen its range of self-developed vehicles.

The truth is that rumors about a hypothetical Mustang sedan have circulated on the network for some time. Murat Gueler, Ford’s European design chief, gave some clues about its eventual arrival on the market in the past, stating that the Mustang family could be expanded with the arrival of new 100% electric models.

“The Mach-E is a step into the future without ignoring our history. There’s a lot of excitement around the Mustang, and it’s time to progress and expand it further. The latest Mustang in Europe has gained a new level of popularity, so we have a bigger base for the Mustang brand. The Mustang and Porsche 911 are the most famous sports cars on the planet. Mustang is a great name, and it’s about time we applied electrification to it. People now understand that we can do different things with different denominations successfully.”

“We have talked about building a family.” Despite everything, Gueler made it clear that Ford will not launch “scale” versions of the Mustang Mach-E. “We don’t want to take a Russian doll approach, where you can’t distinguish the models beyond their size, but we want a touch familiar to all-electric Fords from this model on. We would never make a smaller version of this; if we made a smaller vehicle, it would have different proportions.”

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