Opinion: What To Expect From Tesla Full Self Driving?

We just released an article about the news concerning Tesla Full-Self Driving, and I’m disappointed, to say the least. I remember when Elon Musk declared to the media that he was sure “that Tesla would achieve the basic functionality to complete level 5 of autonomy in 2021.”

Of course, it’s too much to ask, but I am a fan of Tesla and Space X, so I had very high expectations, my mistake. If you follow the news, you should have known that Tesla couldn’t do such a tremendous change in so little time. If we compare the first tests to where we are, yes, I can say it’s a good advance that Tesla has managed to reach this level (level 2).

Even overcoming difficulties that the Tesla representative assures they are not prepared to achieve, such as passing stationary vehicles or objects on the road. Also, circulate in the middle of adverse weather conditions, with a few videos of the car moving on completely snowy roads. You cannot see even the lines of the road without significant problems.

This leads us to speculate that perhaps the system is much more advanced than Tesla indicates. Then I’ll be delighted, so much so that it could even go beyond what the United States regulations allow for testing. Tesla is just waiting for the official confirmation (as we can see in the other post). Without it, it would be a very risky bet for Tesla to accelerate the Autopilot development and commercial implementation.

By the middle of the year, we will probably know for sure what autonomy level a Tesla can go and how it is going to be. Although disappointed, I’m pretty excited about the news.

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