Fisker and Foxconn to Launch an Ambitious Affordable EV

Fisker recently announced a strategic partnership with Foxconn (known for making iPhones for Apple) to develop, produce and market a “revolutionary” electric car. This project, dubbed PEAR (an acronym for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), will be characterized by its affordability.

The resulting vehicle will have a starting price of less than $30,000 before aid (about 25,000 euros at the change). “We are moving quickly to expand the team working with Foxconn on the PEAR project. The prospect of a revolutionary electric vehicle priced below $ 30,000 is generating a lot of excitement and anticipation,” said Henrik Fisker.

After the tax credit granted by the US government, the new Fisker model will have a starting price of close to $20,000. This figure will bring it closer to the price range in which the future electric compact from Tesla will move, which will begin to be manufactured in Giga Shanghai (China) for the whole world from next year.

In parallel to its commitment to creating its range of electric vehicles, which will even include a pick-up to stand up to the Tesla Cybertruck, Fisker has abandoned its plans to develop its solid-state batteries. According to Henrik Fisker himself, this technology will not be competitive until the end of this decade.

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