Toyota Teases X Prologue Prior to Unveiling

On the heels of its unveiling next week, Toyota has released the first teaser picture of the “X Prologue,” one of the automaker’s new upcoming EVs.

This will be the first all-electric car the Japanese automaker has launched outside of China.

Toyota, like several other automakers, announced that it will accelerate its plans of electrification last year. However, the automakers main focus has remained on hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. Shortly after its announcement, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda was noted saying some pretty controversial things about battery-electric vehicles during one of Toyota’s annual meetings. The CEO grabbed headlines after he ranted about the accelerated adoption of electric mobility saying it wasn’t a good idea, all well spreading misinformation.

Regardless of what Toyoda said or believes, his company needs to produce some EVs to stay competitive in the coming years. Now it is teasing one of the first EVs it plans to offer which will be unveiled fully next week.

Toyota teased the “X Prologue” in a press release today: “Toyota is today giving a small glimpse of its upcoming X prologue. Please join us online at on Wednesday 17th March at 10:00 CET to see the full reveal.”

In addition to the unveiling announcement, the Japanese automaker released a teaser picture of the vehicle:

Toyota X Prologue

Looking at the image we see a closed front-fascia, which basically confirms that this is an electric vehicle, although the press release didn’t specify. 

However, those in the states shouldn’t get too excited yet as Toyota only posted the release on its European media site, not its global or North American sites. Perhaps it will only come as a Europe-only model.

We should learn more details regarding the X Prologue upon it’s quickly approaching unveiling next week.

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