First Hyundai Ioniq 5 for the American Market Spotted in the Wild

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has taken the world by storm since its unveiling earlier this month and the new electric crossover seems to be popping up everywhere. CarSceneKorea is one of the few that have provided exceptionally detailed videos of the new electric crossover providing information that few possessed. Now, with their latest video, it seems that they have done it again. 

Ioniq 5
Ioniq 5

In its latest video, CarSceneKorea happened upon what they believe is the first even seen Ioniq 5 for the American market. The video presenter states that he had not seen the orange reflectors inside the headlights in any other car before. He also noticed the absence of vehicle branding on the rear of the electric crossover.

CarSceneKorea was able to get a clear shot of the Ioniq 5 in action as it seemed like the engineer who was testing the electric crossover wanted to give the person filming a chance to get a good shot. 

It seems almost certain that this Ioniq 5 is indeed for the American market as the the turn signal lights are red, where as in Europe and Latin America, they are required to be orange.

While driving, the new crossover was followed behind a Kia Sportage giving us a chance to compare sizes of the two vehicles. Surprisingly, looking at the electric crossover and the compact SUV, they are pretty similar in size but it could just be the angles.

Check out the full video from CarSceneKorea below:

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