Kandi K27. The Cheapest Electric Car on the American Market is Now Available

The Chinese invasion of electric and economical cars has already begun. After seeing a few examples in Europe, it has now been the United States that has been the place selected by the Kandi company to start deliveries of its economic electric K27 in the west to which the K23 will also accompany.

It is an ambitious and daring step for the Asian giant company, given the strong protectionism that the current administration is showing, and that has not prevented them from starting sales of their two electric cars.

In the case of K23, it is a small urban that, in its native market, is usually used in car-sharing programs in large cities. In this case, although its objective will be the same, it will also be available for purchase by individuals who, in addition to being able to benefit from access to the aid that this model will have.

It has a body 3.46 meters long and has space for four passengers. It mounts a small 20 kW motor, which drives it up to a maximum speed of 100 km/h, while the battery remains at just 17.6 kWh, which according to the manufacturer, gives it 100 miles of autonomy.

A model starts from $19,990 and can take advantage of government public aid, which leaves the price at $12,900. A cost that can drop more in those states with complementary aid, such as California, where the price can end up being as little as $10,000.

The Kandi K27 is 3.9 meters long, with more interior space and more load capacity, and mounting a higher power motor, 49 kW (67 hp), that undoubtedly allows you to have more joy at the time to accelerate.

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