Silver Hyundai Ioniq 5s Spotted with Different Design Elements

A few more lucky individual came upon Hyundai’s brand new Ioniq 5 in South Korea. This time we are getting a glimpse of the silver version of the all-electric compact crossover. 

The first video features a silver Ioniq 5 in an underground parking garage. The silver Ioniq 5 features black design components on the front and rear of the all-electric compact crossover as well as the wheel arches.

The second silver Ioniq 5 sighting features an all silver version, including the design components on the front, rear, and wheel arches.

In the videos, we are able to get a good look of the Ioniq 5’s charging port opening, which is strikingly similar to what is seen in the Tesla Model 3. That’s a good thing. We also get a good idea of the size of the compartment under the hood.

Lastly, a lucky Reddit user saw another silver Ioniq 5 at a charging station that also featured the the silver on silver design components. However, this one has different wheels altogether compared to the two in the videos:

The Ioniq 5 will be available with two battery options, one of 58 kWh and another with a higher capacity of 72.6 kWh. These will be coupled with two mechanical configurations with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, respectively. This results in four versions: Standard Range 2WD (58 kWh, rear-wheel drive), Standard Range 4WD (58 kWh, all-wheel drive), Long Range 2WD (72.6 kWh, rear-wheel drive), Long Range 4WD (72.6 kWh, all-wheel drive)

Last week, Hyundai announced record breaking demand for the all-electric compact crossover in its home of South Korea, reporting over 20,000 preorders for since its unveiling.

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