Check Out Kia’s Upcoming EV6 Crossover Ahead of its Debut

With just weeks until its debut, Kia is whetting our appetite to hold us over with a teaser of the EV6. The Korean automaker not only released several teaser images, but a short video in hopes of building even more anticipation leading up to its debut later this month.

The style of the upcoming all-electric crossover SUV is based on the Kia Imagine Concept. It is Kia’s first all-electric vehicle built from the ground up and will sit on the new E-GMP platform.

Last month, Kia revealed that they expect its new EV to have a range of 311 miles (WLTP), be able to recover 62 miles (100 km) of range in only four minutes, and have a 0-60 mph time of three seconds. Impressive numbers, however not shocking as it shares its basic technology with the recently debuted Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Now, Kia is hoping to get the hype the Hyundai Ioniq 5 received before and after its unveiling and released a new teaser for the upcoming EV:

The EV6’s debut reads the first quarter of 2021, however, this slide from the company’s investor day put the debut on the 21st of this month and delivers in July.

The teaser photos give us a look at the silohoutte of the upcoming EV and it is much like what was seen in the original concept vehicle. However we are able to see and over all good look at the curvature and design of the vehicle.

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