Porsche Increases its Stake in Electric Hypercar Maker Rimac to 24%

Porsche has just increased its stake in electric hypercar maker Rimac from 15% to 24%. This movement will entail an investment of 70 million euros and allow both companies to strengthen their ties further.

Although the firm is known mainly for its high-performance electrics (the 2013 Concept_One and the imminent C_Two, which promises to mark a before and after in the hypercar sector thanks to its more than 1,900 hp), it currently works primarily as a third-party high-performance electrical technology provider.

Rimac is excellently positioned for [creating] prototypes and small series. With Mate Rimac and his team, we have an important partner at our side who supports us, especially in developing components. Rimac is on its way to becoming a top-tier supplier for Porsche and other manufacturers. Porsche has already commissioned Rimac with the first orders to develop highly innovative series components,” said Lutz Meschke, Vice President of the Executive Board of Porsche.

“The value [of our investment] has increased many times since we started. The company has developed very well technologically. We are expanding our cooperation step by step and are also benefiting from Rimac’s innovative strength. Mate Rimac inspires us with his innovative ideas. In return, [Rimac] benefits from our know-how in terms of productive and methodological competence in development”.

Mate Rimac, who founded the company that bears his name in 2009 when he was just 21 years old, is also very satisfied with this partnership. “Porsche has been a massive supporter of our company since 2018, and it has always been a privilege to have one of the world’s most famous sports car brands on our side.

We pride ourselves on working together on exciting new electrified products. Since we have many car manufacturers as customers worldwide, both Rimac and Porsche need to remain completely independent. The partnership with Porsche helps the company develop and grow, which is advantageous for all of our customers.”

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