First Operation Video of the Sono Sion Solar Charging System

One of the most differentiating parts of the Sono Sion electric car project was the installation of a series of photovoltaic panels on its body, which in practice would mean recharging the vehicle’s battery when it was parked or circulating. An element that has been one of this German model’s central claims that, until now, we had not seen in operation.

Four years after the prototypes, we had still not seen how this attractive system worked, in the real world. It is made up of 248 high-performance cells that cover an area of ​​7 square meters throughout the body of the vehicle. According to the manufacturer, a set should allow you to recover up to 22 miles of autonomy every day. Of course, only if you have the support of the sun.

As we can see in the short video that Sono Motors published, the system works partially since it seems to offer data only from the panels installed on the roof. We also see how they arrive during the demonstration in motion to exceed 100W of power and the 1.9 amps slightly.

This is a small figure, but in practice, it will reduce the consumption of auxiliary equipment, and it shows us that the system works. A performance that as usual in this technology will depend on factors such as the orientation of the panel and the sun’s position. Something that can drastically vary the routine.

When we are in motion, it is normal for us to see how the variation is enormous. But it will be stopped when we can get the most out of this technology that is undoubtedly one of the most valued sections by the reservee’s of the Sion, who will be able to buy an electric car that not only does not lose autonomy if we park it for long periods in the street, but even when we return, it will have recovered a part of that autonomy.

Some think that the contribution of a unit is minimal. However, when visualizing millions of cars equipped with technology that will multiply the benefits of vehicles in a system that opens doors to new advances that will improve efficiency, the possibilities are endless.

Now the most complicated part remains, take this idea to mass production. According to the latest updates, a project weighed down by constant delays but which has a solid base of fans who have made their reservation and are patiently waiting for its arrival, according to the latest updates, will take place in the first half of 2022.

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