Tesla Pushes Full Self-Driving Subscription Launch to Q2 2021

Elon Musk is making promises about Tesla’s Full Self-Driving again. This time the Tesla CEO is saying it will launch its subscription service for the feature within the next three to four months. 

Musk confirmed last year that Tesla would release its Full Self-Driving software package in the form of a monthly subscription service in early 2021. 

Now, Musk has confirmed via Twitter again, that although they are still anticipating its launch this year, we may have to wait a little longer for the FSD subscription package: 

The new timeline gives it a launch date between April and June. Although this is a great option for those who can’t or just aren’t willing to shell out the $10,000 for FSD, Musk reiterated that buying the FSD package in full is the smartest move financially saying “buying FSD is an investment in the future.”

This of course isn’t the first time Musk has made these claims as he has been previously noted saying Tesla’s FSD package “is an investment that will pay off to the consumer — to the benefit of the consumer,” and one they will not regret.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving package includes the following:
-Smart Summon
-Full Self-Driving Computer
-Navigate on Autopilot
-Auto Lane Change
-Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

Musk has also been noted saying that Tesla will deliver actually full-selfing driving as early as this year, but that of course isn’t the first time we’ve heard that either. Before that is even close to happening, the automaker will have to put its software through rigorous approval processes for each specific market.

As mentioned above, the subscription service is a good option for people who don’t have an extra ten grand laying around, but still want all the latest, coolest features in their Tesla vehicle. The subscription package however, won’t be easy on the wallet as it is expected to cost over $100 per month, with the possibility of an increasing. 

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