Discover the Details of the IONIQ 5 Design in this New Video

At a charging station in South Korea, a pre-production unit of the new IONIQ 5 was caught in the middle of the charging phase. The images taken show us the live result of the lines that characterize the first model of Hyundai’s new 100% electric sub-brand.

The new Korean proposal, which accumulates more than 20,000 reserves in its country of origin, will be available with two battery options, one of 58 kWh and another with a higher capacity of 72.6 kWh. These will be coupled with two mechanical configurations with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, respectively.

This results in four versions:
Standard Range 2WD (58 kWh, rear-wheel drive)
-Standard Range 4WD (58 kWh, all-wheel drive)
-Long Range 2WD (72.6 kWh, rear-wheel drive)
-Long Range 4WD (72.6 kWh, all-wheel drive)

The new proposal changes a lot compared to the electric car’s first official images once the new model hits the street.

The images allow you to better appreciate the car design’s impact representing the Korean brand’s electric future.

The images show the sunroof of the IONIQ 5, capable of recovering energy from the sun as FCE advanced. Adopting this solution takes advantage of when the electric car is parked to recharge the battery or make the air conditioning systems work without reducing autonomy.

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