Watch Hummer EV’s ‘Crab’ Mode in Action

Four-wheel-drive provided by two, three, or four electric motors, allows for an optimization of traction that reaches the driving of SUVs, 4×4s, and pickups, as never before could be imagined. The new generation of electric all-terrain vehicles, including the GMC Hummer EV, are loaded with new features like four-wheel steering and crab-like side shift mode.

Suppose the new Rivian models that are close to hitting the market have a tank-type turn mode. In that case, Hummer responds to this novelty with its four-wheel steering system, which allows a lateral movement to the powerful General Motors truck.

Hummer EV

The winter tests being carried out by the American company allow us to see the new GMC Hummer EV‘s impressive features in action amid an inhospitable and challenging climate. It shows all its traction power, including the side shift mode, baptized by the brand as “Crab Mode” ( walking like a crab).

The ability to move laterally using a diagonal line gives this giant, designed for the large pickup market in the US, an agility that contrasts with its volume, dimensions, and weight.

The lateral movement is produced thanks to the four-wheel steering that marks one of the main characteristics of this new electric car made in the USA. Along with this, the truck has an “extraction mode,” a system that raises the vehicle 15.24 extra centimeters to overcome any obstacle in its path.

This last skill is carried out thanks to the Hummer EV’s air suspension system, which allows it extra off-road qualities in the most delicate situations.

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