BMW is Skeptical about Tesla’s Growth Rate

Oliver Zipse, BMW’s chief executive, believes that Tesla’s advantage will fade as traditional manufacturers increase their electrical products portfolio. “It will not be easy for Tesla to continue at this speed because the rest of the industry is moving forward in a big way,” he said during the DLD All-Stars technology conference.

Tesla expects to increase its sales volume by approximately 50% annually over the next few years. However, some estimates indicate that giants like the Volkswagen Group will not take too long to catch up with, and even surpass the young Californian manufacturer thanks to its firm commitment to the electric car.

Volkswagen wants to double, at least, its sales of these types of vehicles in 2021. In addition, according to numerous experts, sometime between this year and 2025, the German company will be able to overtake Tesla. However, we can’t lose sight of groups such as the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Setellantis, General Motors, and Hyundai, which in recent times have reinforced their commitment to electrification.

Even smaller companies such as BMW are preparing an exciting portfolio of electric vehicles for the next few years shaping up a wide range of premium cars to stand up to Tesla.

Faced with this, Tesla will try to make the most of its dominance in the American and Chinese markets to gain volume before its rivals finish settling.

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