Tesla Readjusts Prices Again, is it On the Right Track?

A few days ago, Tela readjusted its prices, paring the lowest-priced Model 3 and Y prices by $1,000 and $2,000, respectively.

According to the Evannex website, in the auto industry, readjusting down is unlucky and bad news. A few days after this price drop, Tesla removed the lowest-price Model Y from its online offerings entirely.

On the other hand, it was possible to note that the price drop did not affect all cars; it may have been just a marketing ploy to get sales or find out the popularity of their cheaper cars while waiting for the new Model 2 (still no name confirmed).

There is no way to know, but the most expensive cars have become even more costly, and this is not something that we have not seen before. Tesla adjusts its prices according to the variants, updates, and available options, and with that, many bought ends up being lost when making their choices.

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