Alpha Motor Corp. Introduces Ace-Inspired, All-Terrain Electric CUV

Alpha Motor Corporation has introduced another groovy-looking electric vehicle. After introducing the Alpha Motor Ace late last year showcasing its retro design, the Californian start-up is now introducing a retro, Baja-style, high-speed, off-roading electric CUV called the Alpha JAX. The JAX, or “Junior All-terrain Crossover” is based off of the Ace, but has two extra rear-hinged doors as well as a taller ride making it the perfect all-terrain vehicle.

The Alpha JAX is expected to be a fully-electric vehicle that is capable of completing a 0-60mph in around 6.5 seconds using its most powerful all-wheel drive version. It will have a maximum range of around 250 miles (400 km) on a single charge using a 75 kWh battery pack. According to Alpha, the compact crossover will be able to accommodate four people and has a projected starting price starting from $38,000 for the two-wheel drive model.

Technical specs are few and far between, most likely because the JAX and the car it is based on, don’t even exist yet. Regardless, from looking at the images provided by the automaker, it looks like the JAX will come complete with a roof rack, two arrays of spotlights, sturdy front/rear bumpers and off-road tires complimented by enlarged wheel arches.

As of now, the Alpha JAX is only 3D model. However Alpha has said that it wants to put the JAX into production as early as 2023 and is even already taking reservations for the electric CUV.

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